Mátyás-Templom Budapest

Use our mobile tour guide app to explore Hungary's most visited tourist attraction!

The fully customized Matthias Church, Budapest app, designed for the Locbee™ platform, provides visitors with the ultimate experience with forward-thinking features in every element.

Buy tickets within the app


Ticket purchase

Whether in the app, on the website or at the checkout.

Ticket purchase in the app, on the website or even at the checkout are all in one central system, ensuring easy administration and accurate tracking. It is enough to set the opening hours in one place, define the useful information, record events – and all platforms will automatically display all the current information at the same time. Reports and heat maps support the operator's work, keeping the most important digital communication channels under one roof. On site, you can rent iPads, and our company has designed and delivered special functional furniture for charging and storing them, which is nicely harmonised with the space. The built-in alarm function of the app will alert you if the tour guide tablets are accidentally carried towards the exit. These special features are what make our solution truly unique and forward-thinking.

We have also installed WiFi on site for an even more complete experience

Our solution is available in the church only when connected to WiFi or mobile Internet, so important anonymous (in strict compliance with GDPR regulations) data about each visitor is continuously fed into the central system, such as which attractions are the most visited, where and how much time visitors spend, etc. For an even better experience, we have also renewed the website of Matthias Church and introduced a central museum operating system developed by our company for easy administration.


WiFi deployment

Full service for all our customers.

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